The Power of Positive Thinking

Updated: Sep 14

So many times in life we hear about the power of positive thinking. We're told to "think positive" when going through something difficult. Everyone wants to tell us how thinking "happy thoughts" will help us through our rough patch.

A positive affirmation card that says "Make each day your masterpiece" quote by John Woodfin with a picture of a dandelion flower.
Our cards have beautiful pictures and quotes.

If you're just embarking on a NICU journey or Heaven forbid you've just lost a child, this is not what you want to hear. Believe me, I get it. I have been there, and hearing those things, no matter how well-intended, was far more annoying than helpful.

But, looking back now several years down the road, I can see where those small positive thoughts really did make a difference. If you sit alone and allow negative thoughts to consume you, you're going to end up on a downward spiral.

As hard as it is to think positive when you're going through something so hard to navigate, it really does help. We at Sadie's Purpose know this and we aim to share positivity with every parent support pack we donate.

So how do we do it?

How can we spread positivity in every support pack? After all, we're providing things parents need the most, but there isn't anything exciting about shampoo, right? Along with the essentials our support packs provide to parents, we drop a positive affirmation card into every pack.

Our positive affirmation cards are generously donated to us through our Amazon wish list (where you can find the most up-to-date information on what we're putting in the support packs we provide to NICUs).

I put each affirmation card into its envelope and seal the envelope with a sticker before lovingly placing them into our packs. It is my hope that this is a small gesture that will mean so much to a tired, scared NICU parent.

Why does it matter?

Have you ever been through something so hard you thought you might not make it to the other side? On that journey, was there a moment where you felt completely alone (even if you weren't)? Yeah, me too.

Though I had a support team (my husband, our other children, our families, and the hospital staff) while we were fighting through Sadie's worst days in the hospital, there were times when I still felt completely alone.

Even if you stumble, you're still moving forward.

-Victor Kiam

I truly believe that opening a small, brightly-colored envelope to find a beautiful notecard with a pretty picture and an inspirational quote would have brought a smile to my face and helped me keep going. Just a simple, "you've got this, Mama" happy thought.

A pile of positive affirmation cards with their envelopes and stickers.
Preparing cards to go into support packs.

Here at Sadie's Purpose, we truly want the best for every single NICU family. We want parents to weather the storm and go home as soon as possible with happy, healthy babies. If our positive affirmation cards ease parents' minds through this storm, then we have succeeded.

We truly thank each and every one of you that has donated to our mission and is helping to make our first delivery possible. To be able to help the families of NICU babies at the University of South Alabama Children's and Women's Hospital is a true honor. Our delivery is set for August 12th, so be sure you check back for the details!!

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