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Sadie's Purpose loves learning about other organizations. We just love seeing other groups that support NICU babies and their families. Not just NICU babies, but all babies and their families in general. And this group and their product fit the bill perfectly!

It's called the See Me Grow Mat and it was created by NICU dad Moses. After searching (without luck) for a product to track his newborn son's growth, he decided to create his own product and fill an obvious need.

After seeing Sadie's Purpose online and learning about our mission, Moses and the great people at See Me Grow believed there was a wonderful opportunity to work together to even further help the families we both serve. We are so excited to be working with them.


What they are:

A See Me Grow Mat that is white with red polka dots. Centimeters on one side and inches on the other side.
The See Me Grow Mat for use on the floor.

The See Me Grow mat is a simple yet revolutionary product that allows you to track your baby's growth. There are two different options. One is a larger mat that you can lay on the floor, and the other is a cover for a changing pad. You simply stretch the cover over your changing pad, and voila- you've got a growth tracker!

Both mats are machine washable and resistant to those fun messes often left behind by a baby. Each one has a place to include your baby's name, date of birth, weight at birth, length at birth, and time of birth. Not only does this make it easy to keep up with those important statistics, but this will make a great keepsake too!

The mats have measurements in both centimeters and inches, so no matter which you prefer, you're covered. There are other products available on the See Me Grow site too, so be sure you follow that link to check them out! They have some great gift ideas.

Why they're so important:

As a parent, our biggest fear is that something may happen to our baby. What if they aren't growing right and something is wrong? This mat can really help alleviate those concerns. Instead of waiting until baby's next checkup, you can watch your baby's progression from the comfort of his or her nursery.

See Me Grow Mat with inches measurement.
See Me Grow Mat with inches reading.

As mentioned above, the mat offers easy-to-read measurements shown here in inches. However, hospitals more often record and track a baby's length in centimeters, not inches.

If you've become accustomed to measuring and recording your baby's growth in centimeters (or you simply prefer centimeters), the other side offers the same easy-to-read measurements in centimeters, shown below.

See Me Grow Mat with centimeters measurement.
See Me Grow Mat with centimeters reading.

Any parent of a new baby has these concerns. They can be amplified when your baby was premature. The NICU is such a scary place, and even when you come home you continue to worry.

Seeing your little one grow can be quite reassuring. Simply check your baby's length as shown in the cute bunny photo below for some quick peace of mind.

I know that I would have loved to have had a product like this available when our girls were born early. Knowing they were growing well would have eased my mind for sure. I remember trying to hold them still and measure them with a sewing tape measure at the same time. That is no easy task!

A woman's hand holding a stuffed rabbit on the See Me Grow Mat.
Easy to use, you know, with a baby!

Anything you can do to ease your mind as a new parent is a good thing. The less stressed you are, the happier you and your baby both will be.


Sadie's Purpose is excited and honored to work together with Moses and See Me Grow Mat to provide such a valuable tool to our NICU families. We thank them for the donation of their incredible product and look forward to a wonderful working relationship.

Please be sure to visit their site by clicking the link in this post and make sure to share the information with anyone you know that could benefit from the See Me Grow Mat. Thanks, Sadie's Purpose family!

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