Sadie's Purpose First Auction Fundraiser was a Success!

As many of you know, Sadie's Purpose had our first online auction fundraiser that wrapped up in early December. The timing was perfect, as we had just received our 501 (c)(3) letter! We had so much fun getting things set up and we had the best donors and bidders anyone could ask for!

It was deemed a success for more than one reason!

The Sadie’s Purpose first-ever online auction happened November 29 – December 5, 2021. Twenty wonderful people donated either their services or an actual product for the auction and over $1000 was raised!

The money is most appreciated, plus there was an unexpected benefit: the community on LinkedIn was enhanced. The week-long auction allowed people to interact in positive ways!

And as the auction ended, it was discovered that Adam Knihtila was one of the superstars. He bid on multiple listings that he didn’t necessarily need, but he wanted to make sure many of the items had a bid. He donated a few of the items back and then worked with the donors to ensure those items went to people who could really use them. And that resulted in even more caring and generosity!

One of the services he bid on that he didn’t need was a LinkedIn coaching session with Ariel Lee. When she heard about what Adam did, she generously donated another coaching spot and then raffled off both, so that two people could benefit from her expertise.

That also prompted Amy Olseth, RN to do something similar with her addiction risk assessment.

The excitement and support throughout the week were a lot of fun!

Below is a list of the contributors and the person with the winning bid:

1. Borrow My Hope box donated by Jennifer Tracy – Amanda Knight 2. Firebird Studios livestream production donated by Chris Hennessy – Adam Knihtila

3. Graphic design digital illustration donated by Daryn Rowley – Val Roskens Tews 4. Addiction risk assessment donated by Amy Olseth MSN, RN of Holistic Interventionist – Adam Knihtila 5. Signed copy of "This One's For You" written and donated by Jeffrey Johnston – Adam Knihtila 6. Geneaology research session donated by Doreen Mannion, MS, CSM – Adam Knihtila 7. "Ralphy's Rules for Living the Good Life" book written and donated by Talar Herculian Coursey – Val Roskens Tews 8. Online chess match and strategy session donated by Ben Fox, MS, MBA – Casey Martin 9. 60-minute LinkedIn coaching session donated by Ariel Lee – Adam Knihtila 10. Energized clarity coaching session donated by Dr. Stacey Gonzales – Adam Knihtila 11. LinkedIn coaching sessions donated by Doug Lawson – Daryn Rowley 12. 250 business cards donated by Sam Oesterreich – Adam Knihtila 13. Virtual coaching session donated by Claudia Wyatt – Laura MacLeod 14. Emotional release energy healing session donated by Jen Russman – Claudia Wyatt 15. Philosophical exploration session donated by Louis Colombo – Matt Taylor

16. Blue Snowball USB microphone donated by Gabé Leal – Adam Knihtila

Amanda Knight, founder and executive director of Sadie’s Purpose, summed up the auction in this way: “This was an amazing experience and a huge success! I truly appreciate all of you who made it possible, and I hope you all have a great time enjoying your winnings! I am already looking forward to next year's auction!!”

Sadie's Purpose wants to thank every single person who helped make this a success by donating, bidding, or spreading the word. We couldn't do what we do without our supporters! Thank you!!

Also, big congratulations to our winners. I hope you all had a great time bidding and enjoy the great things you won! Thank you to you all!

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