My Sister- My Why

Danielle Keeling is the Director and President of Sadie's Purpose. Like all of our team members, she has a powerful "why story" that drove her to be a part of our mission. Danielle's why is her sister's experience.

When a family member has a baby or babies in the neonatal intensive care unit, it truly does affect the entire family. Everyone worries and everyone feels helpless. Everyone wants to do all that they can to help the people they love so much.

Sadie's Purpose is so thankful for Danielle, and here is her story.


I remember how traumatic it was.

My sister had preeclampsia at 32 weeks into her pregnancy.⠀ Her world came crashing down when she was immediately admitted to the hospital.⠀ She was terrified and wasn't prepared for it.

Labor was induced and she had her tiny baby boy that day.⠀ But it wasn’t over. He wouldn’t be going home with her.⠀ He lived in the NICU for the next 3 weeks.⠀ He had trouble breathing on his own.

⠀ Leaving him at the hospital was beyond difficult.⠀ But watching her baby through an incubator was difficult too.⠀ He eventually came home.

⠀ Four years later, she had this traumatic experience all over again.⠀ This time with her second baby. A tiny baby girl.⠀ ⠀ This is why Sadie’s Purpose is near to my heart. ⠀ It’s a non-profit organization that provides essentials⠀ and entertainment for both parents and siblings of babies in the NICU.

⠀ The founder, Amanda Knight and I connected on LinkedIn. ⠀ Her story and her purpose spoke to me,⠀ I knew I wanted to be part of it.

⠀ I have seen how a little bit can go a long way in a traumatic situation like this. ⠀ And I knew my passion made me a great candidate.⠀ When the opportunity arose to be a member, ⠀ I was honored to accept the role of Board President!⠀ 💜 Welcome to Sadie's Purpose 💜 Danielle Keeling, Board President -Advocate, Educator & Supporter for Neurodiversity and Mental Health

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