Meet the Sadie's Purpose team. Each of the team members here at Sadie's Purpose has their own experience with the NICU that drives their passion for helping our families. We couldn't carry out our mission without each of these amazing people.


Amanda Knight
Founder, Director, and Treasurer

I founded Sadie's Purpose because I know what it's like to be a sleep-deprived, terrified NICU parent. I empathize with NICU families and want to help them navigate a scary time.

When our daughter was in the hospital, it was all my husband and I could do to keep up with all that was happening with her and with our other children. We want to help NICU families feel supported and make their stay a little brighter.

Val 5.png

Val Roskens Tews
Vice President

My twin grandsons were born five weeks early and spent several weeks in a NICU. I was able to see them on weekends which allowed me a glimpse of what life was like in a NICU.


I saw how incredible a NICU is, yet how stressful it was for families. Being a part of Sadie’s Purpose allows me to encourage families, letting them know they are not alone.


Danielle Keeling
Director and President

After meeting Amanda Knight and learning her story and mission, I knew I wanted to get involved with Sadie's Purpose. My passion comes from witnessing my sister's traumatic experience when both of her babies were placed in the NICU for weeks after birth.

I understand Sadie's Purpose and how a little bit can go a long way for parents and families of babies in the NICU. When the opportunity arose I was honored to accept the roles of Director and President.


Jessica Ploch

There is nothing in the world more terrifying than having your baby and then them immediately being sent to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Time stops and seconds drag on like hours and days with worry. When it comes to being discharged from the hospital, without being able to take your baby with you, there is just no emptier feeling for parents.  Nights without them are excruciating and trips back and forth are tougher than you could ever imagine.  


My whole world came crashing down that day when my first child and son, Caseyn Weston, was born in 2005 and then sadly enough it all worked nearly the same five years later with my daughter, Cadence Jolee in 2010.  I thought once was plenty, but the good Lord saw us through this not once, but twice.  As a former NICU parent, I know just how tough these days and months can be.  I know that all of the “little things” are so much more than anyone could ever imagine when you're going through the motions.  Luckily, I had amazing family and friends who didn’t hesitate to step in and help in any way possible.  


There are not as many families out there that are as lucky as my husband and I were.  When I heard about Sadie’s Purpose, I couldn’t help but jump in and take action with this wonderful group of board members.  All those “little things” that meant so much to me and helped me out during this difficult time are all wrapped up into Sadie’s Purpose.  Sharing a little piece of heaven in a bag is the least I can do for other NICU parents and siblings to help them get through the roughest of days.


Jessica James

I have close friends whose babies were in the NICU and I saw how hard it was for them. I have been friends with Amanda for 25 years and watching what she went through with her babies in the NICU, I knew I wanted to get involved with Sadie's Purpose and its mission.


NICU parents already have a lot to think about, and our support packs give them one less thing to have to remember. When they have other children already it can be that much harder.  


No NICU family needs to feel alone. I want to give back to NICU families to honor my friends and their babies that fought so hard to come home- and the ones that didn't make it home.